Living & Learning
Wednesdays at Noon PST

The Next Right Thing

The only thing certain, is how uncertain things are. Today we are going to try to cut through the noise and get focused on doing your next right thing.

A Resentful Yes

If we don’t say yes authentically We say yes resentfully And that creates far more problems than if we’d said no in the first place. -Nat Lue

Living & Learning: Souls & Roles

We hold so many roles in our life: parent, worker, maintenance keeper, sibling, child. How do you nurture your soul amidst the demands of your roles? Today we dive into that.

My New Logo!

Join me for the big reveal! After all your feedback, I have now landed on a new logo. Check it out for the big reveal!

Big News: What’s in a Name?

Like many of you, this pandemic has forced me to take stock about what’s important in life. It’s time to adjust and realign. What needs to fall away? What needs to stay? Today I’ve got some big news for you about the next phase of my work.

The Truth about Self-Care

Too often we think self-care is about taking a bath, going for a walk or journaling. The truth is that self-care can be those things, but it also can be getting $h!t done. Today, we talk about what self-care actually is.