Answer the Call

This morning my husband and I were talking about the choices we made to consciously work to live, rather than live to work. He remembered telling a friend when he was just out of high school, “If you don’t like your life, change it. You don’t have to be stuck in something you hate forever.”This … Read More

Holiday $h!t Stew

In December, most people think about presents, Santa and the next holiday party. As for me, this is the time of year that I think about Shit Stew.Let me explain.When my husband and I lived close to my family, we would go home for the holidays. It was tradition to have Christmas morning at my mom’s house, … Read More

Promotions & Impostor Syndrome

In one moment you can feel like a total fraud and that you’re not good enough to be in your position. The very next moment, you’re wondering why you’re getting passed up for promotion, offended by the injustice of it all.Welcome to Impostor Syndrome.One of the things to remember is that Impostor Syndrome is not … Read More

Love & Boundaries

I used to think that if I cared for someone, I showed that care by flexing and bending to what they liked and not getting too attached to my opinions. Sharing my opinions seemed selfish, damaging and overly dramatic. As a result I had a hard time sharing my voice, even over the simplest questions.”What … Read More

Boundaries for the Holidays

It seems early to talk about the holidays, doesn’t it? My kids are about to go back to school and I’m not ready to let summer go yet. But here’s what I know: This is the time of year that holiday plans are made. I also know that the holidays bring dread, anxiety and exhaustion like … Read More