Procrastination Power Hour!

11 thoughts on “Procrastination Power Hour!”

  1. OMG!!! You spoke directly to me about mailing packages! Yes, there is someone else who is just as severely challenged as me with procrastinating with mailing packages, mostly returning items that don’t work for me. Also, for me in that same category, is returning merchandise to the stores where the items were purchased! I feel a slight bit better knowing I am not alone! Just a week ago I took a pair of jeans back to Kohl’s. With others in earshot, I was told that I had bought them almost two years ago and they can not be returned. Awkward!!!!! I use the timer a lot but hadn’t used it to help me get my packages ready for mailing! I use the timer almost daily to do a 5-minute pick-up. My new goal for today is to get 3 packages done (one including label printing) and mailed!I I guess now I should feel at least a bit better since I don’t have someone to take them to the post office for me!!!

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