Calm in the Chaos Session

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Calm in the Chaos session

The Calm in the Chaos session is a free, 60-minute private phone session with me. We'll explore where you are right now in the chaos of COVID-19 and we'll create a vision of where you want to be in three months. Finally, we'll create an action plan for how to create powerful peace & calm, despite the external circumstances and I'll offer personalized recommendations to support you to move forward immediately.

In the chaos of COVID-19, we are all experiencing more fears about the future, anxiety and overwhelm. Your sleep may be disrupted and it's hard to focus. You may be dealing with an acute crisis of illness or job change. Or conversely, you may be in the quiet relentlessness of routine and have a blurred sense of time. 

Whatever your circumstance, the suffering is there. 

If you find yourself stuck at home and wanting to get out of the anxiety-overwhelm-exhausion spin cycle, there is a way out.