Meet Allison Kinnear

My mission is to inspire women to navigate all aspects of their personal and professional lives with integrity, authenticity and courage.

Over the past 25 years, I have studied and developed tools which improve communication, build confidence, overcome Impostor Syndrome and create healthy relationships at home and work.

Between 2007-2014, I had two babies, finished my Master's thesis and ran a team ranging between 15-37 direct reports in the People Ops department of Google. During this time, I suffered from Impostor Syndrome, perfectionism and the disease to please. Everything looked great on the outside, but I was falling apart on the inside. 

What people around me couldn't see was me snapping at my kids, crying nearly every day and my sleep interrupted at 3:00 AM to a spinning mind hyperfocusing on my unending to-do list, re-living my mistakes and stoking fears around disaster befalling me and my family.

I was fortunate to have high-quality therapy, which helped tremendously, but it didn't give me many tools about what I could do. 

In 2016, I discovered Seattle Life Coach Training, where I am now an instructor. Coaching brought together my love of supporting people during vulnerable times and my practical "What do we do now?" sensibilities.

I now have the incredible honor of helping women thrive in their careers, while taking amazing care of themselves and their loved ones. I teach groups and organizations how to lead with kindness, empathy and connection while empowering teams to do their best work. 

I am a woman who leads with heart, intuition and humor. I live my life with worthiness, compassionate honesty, vulnerability, integrity and authenticity.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.