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The Truth is…

The truth is I don’t know how to follow what I created last week. So this is the best I could do.

Sharing My Story

Mother’s Day Roe v. Wade overturning My abortion when I was 19 How Voice of Her Own began I wanted to share the story of how Voice of Her Own really began for a very long time. I wanted to share it’s origin story. I wrote the story countless times, but my eyes were the … Read More

Impostor Syndrome, Part 2

Last week, I spoke about four good reasons to feel like an impostor: 1. Messages from childhood. 2. You work in isolation. 3. You work in a creative field. 4. You are a student/learner. (this work comes from Valerie Young’s book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women) This week I will talk about the final … Read More

Four Good Reasons to Feel Like an Impostor

“Somewhere, deep inside, you don’t believe what they say. You think it’s a matter of time before you stumble and ‘they’ discover the truth. You’re not supposed to be here. We knew you couldn’t do it. We should have never taken a chance on you.” -Joyce Roche, former president and CEO of Girls, Inc. This … Read More

Is it Anxiety? Or a Reasonable Response?

With so much happening in the world, your anxiety is likely extra heightened. It’s hard to know when our urges and behavior are on the side of reasonableness or perseveration. Is reading the news with increased zeal a practical, informed response? Or is it doomscrolling? Is keeping everything disinfected a reasonable, protective measure to the … Read More

I’m Breaking Up with My Phone…

Over the years, I’ve noticed my addiction to my phone has ramped up. I’ve also noticed my attention span has waned and my sleep is not as sound as it used to be. At one point, I even asked my doctor if it was possible if I had a form of attention deficit disorder. And … Read More

Fear only says one thing…

Fear only says one thing… STOP! I notice that I’m stopping a lot more in life. Understandably so with the amount of fear coming at me from all angles. Yet I’m determining to let my courage be bigger than my fear. How about you?

How to Get Out of Drama

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of life. Someone is wrong. Someone has been wronged. Someone helps to make it better. But what if there was a way to stay out of the drama? How can you get beyond right and wrong thinking and step into a third space? Today, we’re going … Read More

Being a Recovering Catastrophizer

Where are my fellow Catastrophizers at??? You may be a Catastrophizer if you: * Think the worst possible outcome with happen, even if there is evidence to the contrary * Have a huge fear of the unknown * Perseverate about all the potential terrible things others may be thinking about you * And more! If … Read More