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Being a Recovering Catastrophizer

Where are my fellow Catastrophizers at??? You may be a Catastrophizer if you: * Think the worst possible outcome with happen, even if there is evidence to the contrary * Have a huge fear of the unknown * Perseverate about all the potential terrible things others may be thinking about you * And more! If … Read More

When We Judge Others

We judge others every day, and yet there’s a difference between discernment and judgment. It’s important that we know the difference.

Procrastination Power Hour!

True confession: I HATE mailing packages. For some reason, I get overwhelmed with the boxing, taping, labeling, etc. This task that takes no more than 5 minutes can have me procrastinating all the livelong days. Today I am going to talk about my hack to get over procrastination and how I even got a few … Read More

Living & Learning: Listen to Your Body

“Ugh.” This was my first thought (and still kind of is) when it comes to listening to my body. My second thought is, “Can’t there be another way?” Listening to your body is the quickest way to make decisions, set boundaries, build health & healing and so much more. And yet, we can be reluctant … Read More

Living & Learning: Motivation Tools

When it comes to motivation, I usually find one tool in my toolbox: the hammer. I tend to hammer on myself to get me going to do “the thing” that needs to be done. However, what if there was another way to get “the thing” done? What if we didn’t have to beat ourselves into … Read More

Asking for What You Want

Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes to my Vegas talk and share my confrontation with my fear & anxiety about making last-minute changes to my presentation.

Vegas, Baby!

Like Vince Vaughn & Jon Favreau, I’m heading to Vegas, Baby! Not for gambling, or partying, but to share tools about how to feel in control when so much of life is out of control. Check it out!